Aardvark Designs impresses Symonds & Newey with outstanding panel and banner designs. Creating captivating hoardings promoting a new building development in Burbage, Leicestershire.

Symonds & Newey approached Aardvark Designs due to our location to the hoarding site, and felt we would understand the local area. Priding ourselves on no matter where the design/installation is, we’re always out to impress.

Covering over 35 metres of building site hoardings, with a clever use of 24 panels, spaced and designed creatively. Thought was given to visibility to both passing traffic and footfall with height and placement of imagery and text. Extensive attention to detail as usual, ensuring the panels are successful in creating interest in the project.

It's not every day we can pop out of the office and see some of our handy work almost on our doorstep!